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AMGITS is the Saskatchewan Hospital Auxiliary. AMGITS ('stigma spelled backwards) is a non-profit organization aimed at improving the quality of life for the patients of Saskatchewan Hospital. AMGITS is focused on turning STIGMA around as it pertains to mental illness.


  • Supports strong community contact programs through Saskatchewan Hospital North Battleford
  • Promotes family involvement for SHNB residents by hosting annual family social events
  • Initiates fundraising events to provide direct patient comfort items for individuals, program areas, and hospital units
  • Participates in campaigns designed to increase public awareness about mental illness.

AMGITS Co-Chairpersons:      Carol Funk and Darcy Funkner
Secretary/Bingo Coordinator:  Linda Gristwood
Treasurer:                                   Darlene Kingwell

Phone:  306-446-6800
Fax:        306-445-5392

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