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January - March 2016
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New Ambulance and Equipment Enhance Meadow Lake EMS

January 20, 2016

Meadow Lake and area residents are seeing a new ambulance responding to emergency medical situations, thanks to purchase of a new vehicle for the Meadow Lake Ambulance Service.

Addition of the new unit to Meadow Lake's ambulance fleet means improved safety and reliability for patients and staff. The new ambulance comes equipped with a power assist stretcher that improves patient and staff safety during loading and unloading of patients.

Meadow Lake Ambulance Jan 2016 Taking Delivery
Meadow Lake EMS Manager Chad McCord and Primary Care Paramedic Dione Lacendre take delivery of the new Meadow Lake ambulance, purchased from Crestline Coach Ltd. in Saskatoon.

The vehicle is also equipped with a new $35,000 cardiac monitor purchased with funds donated ($37,000) by the Meadow Lake Hospital Foundation. A second cardiac monitor purchased with monies provided by the Meadow Lake Lions Club ($35,000) is being placed into service in another of Meadow Lake Ambulance's units.

The two donations and joint purchase also enabled acquisition of a LUCAS CPR device for the local emergency medical service (EMS). The device provides consistent cardiac pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to patients whose hearts have stopped beating, freeing the EMS responders to provide additional patient care including cardiac medications and ventilation support.

Meadow Lake Ambulance Advanced Care Paramedic Frank Munroe said, “The new ambulance brings more reliability to our service. The amount we travel and the roads we travel on take their toll on our ambulances. The two new cardiac monitors allow us to better treat our cardiac patients.”

On average, Meadow Lake's four ambulances travel a combined total of 250,000 to 300,000 kilometers per year. The new $167,000 ambulance purchased by Prairie North Health Region will be Meadow Lake Ambulance's primary emergency medical response vehicle. The service operates with two additional ambulances and a back-up unit. The oldest vehicle - a 2003 model - is being taken completely out of service, and the oldest remaining unit - a 2008 model - will become the service's back-up vehicle, maintaining the total complement of four vehicles.

“Prairie North Health Region knows well the value of its Meadow Lake Ambulance service to local and area residents,” said Chris Thiele, PNHR Director of Emergency Medical Services. “With its team of eight full-time, eight part-time, and eight casual emergency medical responders (EMRs), primary care paramedics (PCPs), intermediate care paramedics (ICPs), and advanced care paramedics (ACPs), the Meadow Lake service is the busiest and most demanding of the ambulance operations run directly by Prairie North. Maintaining the high quality and care of the service is a priority.”

Chad McCord, EMS Manager in Meadow Lake, said he and his colleagues are very appreciative of the new ambulance and equipment. “The vehicle and equipment will better serve the residents of our response area and will keep our patients and employees safe by reducing lift requirements,” he stated.

On behalf of Prairie North Health Region and Meadow Lake Ambulance service, McCord expressed “sincere gratitude to the Meadow Lake Lions Club and Meadow Lake Hospital Foundation for their generous contributions in purchase of the new equipment.”

Meadow Lake Mayor Gary Vidal said, “Updating our EMS infrastructure shows the Health Region's ongoing commitment to allocating resources to assist our local medical professionals in providing an excellent level of care to our community. I am also very grateful to the Meadow Lake Lions Club and Meadow Lake Hospital Foundation for their financial support in the purchase of the new equipment. The work of these two organizations' incredible volunteers is one of the things that makes Meadow Lake a great place to live, work and raise our families.”

RM of Meadow Lake Reeve Rodger Zuchotzki stated, “The RM council is appreciative that this new ambulance is here to provide care to the ratepayers. Upgrades are always appreciated. On behalf of the RM and council, we commend this new development.”


For more information or to arrange interviews, contact:
Linda Lewis, PNHR communications Officer

For a print-friendly version of the news release, click here.

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