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April - June 2015
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Positive Ticketing Returns to Pierceland

June 22, 2015

The Village of Pierceland, Pierceland RCMP, North West School Division, and Prairie North Health Region's Population Health Promotion Unit are teaming up to bring Positive Ticketing to Pierceland for the second consecutive summer.

From July 1st to the end of August, youth in Pierceland will be randomly recognized this summer for the positive choices and actions they take as they go about their day. Children or youth may receive a Positive Ticket if they are seen making positive choices such as wearing their bicycle or skateboard helmet while biking or skateboarding, being physically active, volunteering, properly disposing of litter, or demonstrating a variety of other healthy choices.

The positive tickets will be handed out by members of the Pierceland RCMP, by the principal or teachers from Pierceland Central School, or by the mayor or councilors of Pierceland. The tickets will be redeemable for a free single-scoop ice-cream cone from the Pierceland Tourism Booth. The ice-cream cones are sponsored by the Village of Pierceland.

Anne Duriez, Population Health Promotion Coordinator with Prairie North Health Region's Community Health Services, encourages everyone to “imagine the long-term impact on the children and youth in a community that purposely seeks out and acknowledges children and youth who are making positive choices.”

Duriez explains that Positive Ticketing campaigns have two key goals: the first is to reward young people for choosing to use safety equipment such as bike or skateboard helmets, for being physically active, or for being a positive role model in their community. The second goal is to provide the adults doing the ticketing with opportunities to build positive relationships with youth.

Research shows that interaction with positive role models has a desirable impact on outcomes for youth. Where opportunities for adults to interact with youth in positive ways do not naturally exist, communities need to take steps to create them. When a community like Piercleand works to do projects like Positive Ticketing, it is demonstrating value in the opportunity to interact with youths in the community.

Positive Ticketing was first introduced by Richmond, BC RCMP Superintendent Ward Clapham as part of a vision to “imagine cops catching kids for doing things right”. Since introduction of the program, Positive Ticketing campaigns have been used by law enforcement, businesses, and others in communities across Canada to build relationships with young people.



For more information or to arrange interviews, contact:
Linda Lewis, PNHR Communications Officer,306-446-6625

For a printer-friendly version of the news release, click here.

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