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July - September 2014
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New SK/AB Partnership for Lloydminster to Enhance Health Services

July 28, 2014

 Residents of Lloydminster and area will be the beneficiaries of a renewed commitment by the Saskatchewan and Alberta governments to enhance collaboration, on the delivery of health services to the community.

A new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been formally signed by Saskatchewan Minister Responsible for Rural and Remote Health Tim McMillan and Alberta Minister of Health Fred Horne committing their respective provinces to working together to ensure coordinated and seamless healthcare services for Lloydminster and area residents.

MOU Signing - July 28, 2014.jpg

   MOU Signing:  Fred Horne, Alberta Minister of Health (left) and
   Tim McMillan, Saskatchewan Minister for Rural and Remote Health

Photo courtesy City of Lloydminster

The MOU sets out the framework for ongoing collaboration between Saskatchewan and Alberta to jointly plan and fund health services in Lloydminster, and creates a permanent Bi-Provincial Health Services Committee to help ensure that the unique health service needs of Lloydminster are addressed.

Ministers McMillan and Horne announced immediate funding commitments in three key areas of health services for Lloydminster: acute, continuing, and primary care.

  • $1 million in capital funding for development  of a third operating room at Lloydminster Hospital;
  • $1.1 million for further development of the Prairie North Health Centre in delivering primary health care services; and
  • $750,000 to introduce the Home First/Quick Response program to enhance home care services.

The Lloydminster Region Health Foundation (LRHF) is also providing $1 million toward the third operating room and Prairie North Health Centre projects.

"These investments are an initial step in addressing the growth in Saskatchewan as well as the healthcare needs of this vibrant and dynamic community," said McMillan. "Our governments are working together to provide quality care and sustainable services to the people of Lloydminster now and in the future."

Horne stated, "By working together, we can better ensure the health needs of Lloydminster residents are met. This collaborative approach will enable us to provide the most appropriate services in a more coordinated and efficient way. Ultimately, it will mean improved care for the people of Lloydminster."

McMillan and Horne concurred with Lloydminster Mayor Rob Saunders that signing of the MOU and announcement of funding support signal a great day for the city. "Today marks a first for the City of Lloydminster and the future of healthcare in our city. We are committed to ensure ongoing community involvement and coordination of healthcare for all," Saunders said.

The Mayor and Ministers expressed deep appreciation to the Lloydminster Health Services Working Group which has worked over the past 12-18 months to examine the needs of Lloydminster and establish a 15-year vision of health services for the city and area. The Working Group consists of local stakeholders and government representatives from both provinces and was created to address Lloydminster's unique health needs.

Members of the Lloydminster Health Services Working Group joined Saskatchewan and Alberta government officials for signing of the Bi-Provincial MOU.

Photo courtesy City of Lloydminster







working group - reduced.jpg

Members identified the need for the Saskatchewan and Alberta governments to work closely together. This led to development and signing of the MOU, and to preparation of a comprehensive long-term Integrated Health Services and Facility Infrastructure Needs Assessment for Lloydminster. The document  represents a vision for health care in Lloydminster and area and contains useful information and data that can help inform decisions and future actions.

The areas of acute, primary, and continuing care for which funding was announced with the MOU signing are priorities identified in the Needs Assessment.

The Working Group has also achieved progress in improving access to consistent health care services:

  • Alberta Netcare is being extended to Lloydminster Hospital to allow eligible staff to access Alberta patients' electronic health records in the hospital, improving efficiency and accuracy of care.
  • Physicians can now be dually licensed in Saskatchewan and Alberta, allowing them to work in both provinces and helping more patients keep the same physician if they transfer their care or move across the border. This helps improve continuity of patient care and helps strengthen the patient/physician relationship.
  • Emergency care services and protocols are being standardized in Lloydminster between Saskatchewan and Alberta to ensure that residents on both sides of the border can expect the same level of care when receiving emergency medical services.

The MOU signing event and funding announcement was held July 28, 2014 in the council Chambers of Lloydminster City Hall.

To read or print the joint Saskatchewan/Alberta news release, click here.

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