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Activities Focus of Addictions Awareness Week in The Battlefords - November 20 - 26, 2006
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Activities Focus of Addictions Awareness Week in The Battlefords - November 20 - 26, 2006

November 8, 2006

Addictions Services in The Battlefords has once again joined forces with a number of local programs and services to mark Addictions Awareness Week November 20 through 26 in the community.

Along with North Battleford KidsFirst Program, the North Battleford Comprehensive High School, Community/Public Health Services in The Battlefords, and the local Acquired Brain Injury Program in Prairie North Health Region, a number of events and activities will be held to promote the prevention of substance abuse and greater ownership in addressing Addictions issues.

AAW activities in The Battlefords and provincially are organized under the theme “Reality Check” – an effort to make youth and adults aware of the real facts surrounding addictions to alcohol, drugs, tobacco and problem gambling.

The Week’s activities kick off Monday, November 20 at 7:00 p.m. with the Family Toonie Swim Night at North Battleford’s Kinsmen Aquatic Centre. Informational material on substance use and other addictions as well as information on community support agencies in The Battlefords will be on hand. Door prizes will also be available.

A special presentation by renowned speaker Doug Stadnyk will be held Wednesday, November 22 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in the Large Lecture Theatre at the N.B. Comprehensive High School. Doug will share his personal journey from one of North America’s toughest bikers - selling drugs, blowing up cars, and running prostitution rings – to a man finding peace within himself. Everyone is welcome to hear this riveting presentation. Admission is free.

On Friday, November 24, staff at the Breton Clinic, Battlefords Addictions Services will be serving coffee and welcoming visitors to the Clinic located on the south side of Battlefords Union Hospital, 1092 – 107 Street, North Battleford. Entrance is via 10th Avenue. Everyone is welcome.

For more information about Addictions Awareness Week activities in The Battlefords, call Addictions Services at 446-6440.

Media: For more information or to arrange interviews, contact:

            Linda Lewis, PNHR Communications Officer, (306) 446-6625


  1. Long-term effects of LSD include decreased motivation, permanent distortion of reality, irrational behaviour, and panic and depression.
  1. The psychoactive chemical in marijuana, THC, can remain stored in your fat cells for approximately one month.
  1. Chronic use of methamphetamines can reduce your levels of dopamine and can lead to symptoms similar to Parkinson’s disease, a severe movement disorder.
  1. Ethyl alcohol is the only type of alcohol for human consumption. Different drinks contain the same kind of alcohol. The amount of alcohol consumed, not the kind of drink, determines the effects on a person.
  1. Rapid ingestion of alcohol such as chugging can allow a lethal dose of alcohol to depress the brain to the point of death.
  1. There is no accurate way to figure out a “safe” amount of alcohol or other drugs to consume before you drive. Even after one drink or one toke, your judgement becomes impaired.
  1. Your body can eliminate only ˝ oz. of pure alcohol per hour. The only thing that will “sober a person up” is time.
  1. Impaired charges can be laid if someone exhibits signs of impairment below .08.
  1. Sudden Sniffing Death is caused by heart failure and can occur on the very first use.
  1. Smoking causes constriction and damage to blood vessels of the umbilical cord of an unborn child, decreasing the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients vital to the developing fetus.
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