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Continuing Care
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Long-term Care Policies and Procedures
Single Entry Point Policies and Procedures
Home Care Policies and Procedures
Continuing Care
Compassion, Dignity, Respect

Residents of special/long-term care homes have specific rights, including the right to:
  • Be treated with consideration and respect with full recognition of dignity, individuality and privacy;
  • Safe, adequate and timely care by personnel who are qualified to provide the services;
  • Protection from any form of abuse (physical, verbal, emotional or chemical), injury, harm, neglect or exploitation while residing in the special-care home;
  • Plan your care by participating actively and make personal choices in the assessment and care planning process;
  • Confidential treatment of all personal information;
  • Understand your payments by being made aware of charges and any changes to terms of payment in advance;
  • Feel confident to ask questions and have your concerns heard, reviewed, and where possible, resolved, without fear of retribution; and
  • To give or refuse consent for care (to the extent permitted by the law.)
Residents and family members may wish to review Prairie North Health Region policies relating to Continuing Care. They are shared here for your convenience. If you have any questions, please contact a specific facility.

Policies and Procedures

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