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What is Telehealth?
Telehealth is the use of live, real-time video-conferencing technologies for clinical and educational applications within and between Regional Health Authorities and outside of the Province of Saskatchewan.

Where are the PNHR Telehealth Sites Located?
Cut Knife—Cu t Knife Health Complex
Goodsoil—L.Gervais Memorial Health Centre
Lloydminster—Lloydminster Hospital
Meadow Lake—North West Health Facility
North Battleford: - Battlefords Union Hospital
- Battlefords Mental Health Centre
- Saskatchewan Hospital
Turtleford—Riverside Health Complex
Maidstone—Pine Island Health Complex

Who do I contact?
Regional Telehealth Coordinator
Battlefords Union Hospital
1092-107th Street
North Battleford, SK. S9A 1Z1
Telephone: (306) 446-6699
Fax: (306) 446-6061

Clinical Telehealth
Allows you to connect to your health care provider in Saskatchewan or other parts of Canada.

How do I request a Telehealth appointment?
Once your family physician sees you and determines that a Telehealth consult with a specialist is suitable in your situation, your doctor will send a referral request to the specialist.
You will receive an appointment letter from the specialist’s office prior to your appointment.
You will be contacted by Telehealth personnel to confirm your appointment.

How is my privacy protected?
All Telehealth appointments adhere to the Health Information Protection Act.
Telehealth operates over a secure network.

Can someone come with me to my Telehealth appointment?
Yes, family members and/or friends are welcome to attend.
What can I expect during my Telehealth appointment?
You will see, hear, and talk to your health care provider.
You will not be required to operate the Telehealth equipment, with the exception of the volume control.

Telehealth Education
Telehealth connects sites within Prairie North Health Region and links with other select sites provincially, nationally and internationally for health related education opportunities. 
Please open the link to the Telehealth poster to find the location of the education event and register at that site by phoning the number on the poster.  Sites with no registration will not be aired.

Upcoming Telehealth Education Events: None at this time

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