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Mental Health and Addictions Services
Community Services (Outpatient)
Saskatchewan Hospital - North Battleford
Mental Health and Addictions Services

How to access services?

                All requests for services are handled by the program’s intake services.  Intake receives, screens, assesses and prioritizes all new requests for service.  Requests can be made by the individual seeking service, or by physicians, family members or school personnel.  Requests can be made by phone, fax or attending in person (walk in to any PNHR Mental Health and Addictions Services location).  Intake is open from 8am-12noon and 1pm-5pm Mondays-Fridays, except statutory holidays.  From 5pm-8am and on weekends and statutory holidays, urgent cases may access services through the local emergency department.   A provincial Heathline staffed with personnel experienced in mental health and addictions issues may be contacted at any time of the day or night by calling 811.

Services Provided:

Adult services

                Mental Healthservices included assessment and treatment,  The staff of psychologists, social workers and therapists provides individual and group counselling.   Alternatives to Violence program as well as the Women’s support group for adult victims of domestic violence are offered in North Battleford.

                 Inpatient services - provides care for people with acute psychiatric illness.  Service is provided in a 22 bed inpatient unit located at Battlefords Mental Health center which is located in the Battlefords Union Hospital.  Psychiatric inpatient care and programming includes assessment, crisis intervention, stabilization, treatment and early activities of rehabilitation.

                Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services – The Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program, with staff of the Community Mental Health Nurses and a Social Worker, offers a wide range of services to individuals with psychiatric disabilities and to persons who are at risk of developing a long term disability as a result of psychiatric illness.  The focus of the program is prevention of illness, health promotion, education and ongoing rehabilitation.  Program staff provide assessment, supportive counselling, consultation, community treatment, medication management, and assistance and support in identifying appropriate residential and vocational placements for clients.

                Mental Health Therapies – Mental Health Therapies provides service in conjunction with the Inpatient Unit and Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program.  The programs provide assessment, rehabilitation and maintenance of health through a variety of individual and group programs.  Emphasis is on restoring and maintaining good mental and physical health.

                Psychiatric Services – Psychiatrists are medical specialists who offer diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders.  Psychiatrists provide a range of services which include 24 hour emergency psychiatric services, education, prevention and rehabilitation, as well as consultation with other medical specialists. 

                Addictions Servicesfocus on prevention, education, early intervention and recovery.  Services include assessment , individual and group counselling, problem gambling treatment, referrals to residential treatment and community education.  Service may be coordinated with other agencies or professionals, and are available in various locations and across the Prairie North health Region.

Battlefords Mental Health and Addictions Center

1092-107th St.  North Battleford, SK S9A 1Z1

Phone (306)446-6500  Fax (306)446-6546


Mental Health and Addictions Services  - Meadow Lake

Robert Simard Social Detox Unit (Northwest Health Facility)

#3- 711 Center Street  Meadow Lake, SK  S9X 1E6

Phone (306) 236-1580     Fax (306) 236-1400


Mental Health and Addictions Services – Lloydminster

3830 43 Avenue  Lloydminster, SK  S9V 1Y3

Phone (306) 820-6250      Fax (306)820-6256

Healthline- call  811

Child and Youth Services

                Mental Health and addictions services are provided to children and youth from birth to 18 years of age and to their families.  The staff of psychologists, social workers, addictions workers and therapists provide assessment , diagnosis, individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, consultation, community and resource development, prevention and health promotion services.

                Services are provided in partnership with other child-serving agencies.  Child and Youth services are available in Lloydminster, Meadow Lake, Maidstone, North Battleford and other rural communities as required. 

Child and Youth Services (Don Ross Centre)

891-99th St  North Battleford, SK S9A 1E9

Phone (306)446-6555   Fax (306)446-8765



Private Services (may be fees associated)

1. Catholic Family Services

101-1092 101st Street     North Battleford, SK S9A 0Z8

Phone (306) 445-6960


2. Dr Mahmood

2591 99th Street     North Battleford, SK

Phone (306)446-5554


3. Dr Bull

1101-101st Street North Battleford, SK S9A 0Z5

Phone (306)445-6070


4. Battle River Treaty 6

1192-101st Street  North Battleford, Sk   S9A 0Z6

Phone (306) 937-6700


5. Kanaweyimik

91-23rd Street W   Battleford, SK



6. Battlefords Counselling and Consulting

9800 Territorial Drive North Battleford    (located in the CBI clinic)

Email: info@battlefordscouncelling.com

Phone (306)480-7608

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