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What is Physiotherapy?  

A rehabilitative profession that promotes maximal mobility and function. It is a health profession specializing in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of disease and disability affecting movement of the body. Physiotherapy involves hands-on treatment that helps you maximize normal movement.  


What do Physiotherapists do?  

Physiotherapists provide assessment, treatment and education for a wide range of health problems and can recommend the best way to treat problems with muscles, bones and joints, circulatory, respiratory or nervous system. Through use of specifically designed exercises, equipment, muscle re-education and hands on management physiotherapists help patients regain or improve their physical abilities. 

.                                                            skeleton.JPG

Who can access Physiotherapy services?  

Anyone who feels they may benefit from physiotherapy services is able to refer themselves and an appointment will be arranged as appropriate.  

Your physician may also recommend you to see a physiotherapist.  


Physiotherapy services are available to those who are in the hospital. They will be referred by their doctor and will be seen for an assessment by a physiotherapist. Treatment will then continue as needed throughout their time at the hospital and afterwards if necessary.

You may see a Physiotherapist for…                                      weight.JPG               


v     Evaluation of pain or discomfort during exercise or movement       

v     Post surgical care for orthopedic procedures such as joint replacements and tendon repairs  

v     Management of chronic diseases such as osteoporosis, arthritis, back and neck pain  

v     Prevention and rehabilitation of injuries in muscles, bones, ligaments, and joints  

v     Neurological physical therapy specializes, rehabilitation, of patients with diseases and injuries in the brain, spinal cord, and nerves  

v     An infant or preschool child who has developmental delays or conditions that may interfere with meeting milestones may be referred    



For more information or to be seen by a Physiotherapist in          
your area call:                                                                              


(306) 820-6055 ( Lloydminster Hospital Therapies)

(780) 871-7918 (Dr. Cooke Extended Care Centre)                        


(306) 446-6400 (Primary Health Centre)                                         

(306) 446-6574 ( Battlefords Union Hospital)  

Meadow Lake:  

(306) 236-1550 ( Meadow Lake Hospital)  


            (306) 845-2195 (Riverside Health Complex)


Or Visit:
http://www.physiotherapy.ca/- Canadian Physiotherapy Association

http://www.albertaphysio.org/ - Alberta Physiotherapy Association

http://www.saskphysio.org/  - Saskatchewan Physiotherapy Association

http://www.scpt.org/docs/pdf/licensecategories.pdf - Saskatchewan College of Physical Therapists  

http://www.cpta.ab.ca/- College of Physiotherapists of Alberta  

http://www.sportsmedcenter.ca/default.cfm - Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center  





If your injury is covered by Workers Compensation or Automobile Insurance, you will be referred to a Private Physiotherapy Clinic.    

Specialty Physiotherapy services in our Health Region include….   

v    STEPS to Better Health program offered in Lloydminster, North Battleford and Meadow Lake
n exercise program aimed at prevention for those at risk for a cardiac event
For more information phone 888-847-8377  

v     Woman’s Health offered in Battlefords & Lloydminster  

v     Acupuncture services available in Lloydminster and North Battleford  

v     Community therapy services are available to those who require therapy services in their community  

v     Pediatric services available     




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