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Acquired Brain Injury

What is an Acquired Brain Injury?    

An Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) is a result of damage to the brain or of illness. Acquired brain injuries have devastating effects on physical, cognitive and behavioural aspects of a person's life.  


Brain injuries affect the survivor; they change family roles, relationships and goals. Often survivors and their families require support throughout the recovery process and beyond.  


Who Can Access ABI Services?

v     Individuals who are Saskatchewan residents    


v     Applicants who have a diagnosis of an acquired brain injury.

Individuals who have congenital brain injury related to conditions or illnesses such as Multiple Sclerosis, Developmental Delay, or Alzheimer Disease, or a brain injury that is a result of a progressive condition, will not be considered for the ABI Program.


v     Priority is given to those who are three years or less post injury.

v     Individuals must be medically stable.  


v     Where substance abuse is prevalent, applicants must be seeking or involved in a treatment program.  


v     Applicants with a primary psychiatric disorder must be seeking assistance to have symptoms well managed.  



ABI Partnership Project    

The ABI Program is part of the province's ABI Partnership Project which is managed by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health and funded by Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI).

The ABI Program based in Lloydminster SK collaborates with the Saskatchewan Central ABI Outreach Team in Saskatoon. The continuum of health care from hospital to home is achieved in the rural communities.



How Do You Make A Referral?    

The ABI Program accepts referrals from brain injury survivors and their families, from physicians, health facilities, rehabilitation programs, professional support and community agencies.



For more information regarding Acquired Brain Injuries, please contact:


ABI Regional Coordinator                      

Saskatchewan Health Authority - Lloydminster   

Prairie North Plaza
#101-4910-50 Street   

Lloydminster, SK  S9V 0Y5   

Phone: 306-820-2553     

Fax: 306-820-6251





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