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What is an Early Childhood Psychologist?    

An Early Childhood Psychologist (ECP) specializes in younger children and their caregivers. Psychologists can work as researchers or practitioners in a variety of settings including hospitals, schools, clinics and private offices.  


What does an ECP do?    

The main role of an ECP is to identify and help children with difficulties that might interfere with normal development. This can involve brief parent-child therapy, parent education, or strategies for home to encourage your child's development. Early Childhood Psychologists can also discuss community programs or recommend more specialized services if needed.  


To help understand the concerns of you and your child, an ECP would do an assessment. An assessment might involve developmental testing. This may look like games or play to an outsider. This  testing would give both parent or caregiver, as well as the ECP a better understanding of how your child is functioning on a developmental level compared to other children his or her age. Assessments can also involve parents or caregivers filling out questionnaires or may simply be a discussion with the ECP about your concerns.  


How do you know if your child needs to see an ECP?    

You may want to consult an ECP if you have concerns about your child's behaviour, development, emotions, or social skills. Examples of concern may include aggression, temper tantrums, self-help skills, toileting, understanding, separation anxiety, acting withdrawn, making friends, or play skills. You may also have concerns about your parenting strategies or family issues that are affecting your childhood.  


How do I access ECP services?

You can contact the program directly. The program's Psychologists also accept referrals from families, physicians, health facilities, rehabilitation programs, professional supports and community agencies.


For more information or to be seen by an ECP Psychologist in your area, call:


Battlefords and Meadow Lake













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