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Compliments and Concerns

Compliment and concerns

I have a concern about the care I or someone I care about has received in Prairie North Health Region. What can I do?

We encourage you to first try to resolve the issue by talking to the caregiver providing the service, or to the appropriate supervisor. If your concern remains unresolved, then please contact a Quality of Care Coordinator. All questions, concerns or comments will be investigated.

The quality of your care will not be negatively affected if you raise a concern. In fact, sharing your concern will help us improve our services both for you and for future patients and clients.

Click here to submit your concern by email. Your email will be delivered to Prairie North Health Region's Quality Improvement Program, and you'll receive a response from a Quality of Care Coordinator within 3 business days.

In your email, please include your name, along with your compliment or concern (with as much or as little detail as you are comfortable sharing through email). Please remember to include the name of the facility where you received care, and indicate if and how (phone or email - please specify the number and email address) you would like to be contacted to further discuss your experience.

You can also phone a Quality of Care Coordinator directly:

Jennifer Salewski
Battlefords, Cut Knife,
Edam & Maidstone
Battlefords Union Hospital
1092 - 107 Street
North Battleford, SK S9A 1Z1
Ph: 306-446-6054
Fax: 306-446-4114
Margaret Mickelson
Lloydminster, Neilburg,
Turtleford & Paradise Hill
Lloydminster Hospital
3820- 43 Avenue
Lloydminster, SK S9V 1Y5
Ph: 306-820-6177
Quality of Care Coordinator -
Meadow Lake, Loon Lake,
Goodsoil & St. Walburg
Northwest Health Facility
(Meadow Lake Hospital)
#1 711 Centre Street
Meadow Lake, SK S9X 1E6
Ph: 306-236-1558
Fax: 306-236-5801

Do you want to hear about my positive experience within the health care system?

Absolutely! You can email your compliments to the Quality Improvement Program as well - include as much or as little information as you would like. We'll pass the compliment along, and we'll also learn from that feedback and work to incorporate it into other care processes and experiences.

You can also call the Quality of Care Coordinators directly to share a compliment.

What is the Quality of Care Coordinator's role?

Prairie North Health Region receives, investigates and monitors patient and/or public concerns regarding healthcare services through the Quality of Care Coordinators. The Quality of Care Coordinators' role is to help you with questions or concerns about regional health services, ensuring that you are aware of your rights and options and ensuring that we use your comments to recommend changes and improvements to our programs and services.

All conversations with the Quality of Care Coordinator are private and kept confidential unless you give your permission to speak or act on your behalf.

Concerns will be investigated and concluded as quickly as possible. Once the investigation has been completed, the Quality of Care Coordinator will contact you to discuss the results and options available to you.

What kind of concerns, complaints or issues should be directed to the Quality of Care Coordinators?

  • Specific incidents about the quality of care received
  • Access to services (i.e. waiting times)
  • Perceived gaps in the services being provided
  • Supportive services (i.e. meals, housekeeping)
  • Client assessment processes for health care services (i.e. home care, long term care placement, etc.)
  • Anything else that just isn't sitting right with you!




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