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Be a good visitor - Protect patients from infection
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Be a good visitor - Protect patients from infection

Prairie North Health Region welcomes you and asks you to help us keep our patients and residents safe while they are being cared for in our facilities. To keep yourself, your loved one, and all patients, residents, and care providers safe from infection, we ask you to follow a number of simple precautions. Learn more by watching this video.

1. Wash your hands before and after visiting.

It is important to clean your hands with alcohol hand rub every time you enter or leave a patient or resident room. This is especially important when you are visiting more than one patient or resident.

You are also to wash your hands when coming and going from common areas such as cafeterias or waiting rooms.

2. Stay home if you are sick.

Do not visit if you are sick or if you have had any symptoms of illness such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever or feeling feverish, coughing, or rash within the past three days.

3. Check first, before you bring children to visit or bring flowers or food to patients or residents.

Young visitors, flowers, or food may not be allowed for your family member or friend. Check first with the patient’s or resident’s nurse or other health care provider.

4. Follow Special Precaution signage.

Patients or residents on special health care precautions will have signs posted outside their doors. You are not to enter until you have spoken with the facility’s or unit’s health professional and are totally clear on what the precautions mean and what is required of you.

5. Help keep patient and resident areas tidy.

Do not litter or add to clutter. Less clutter eases the critical job of cleaning the patient or resident room.

If you have questions, speak to a health care professional or contact:
Infection Prevention & Control Program
Regional Infection Control Coordinator
(306) 820-6041 or (306) 446-6046

For more information on infection prevention and control in health care environments, check the following websites:
Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC)
Community and Hospital Infection Control Association-Canada
Public Health Agency of Canada “Get the Dirt on Clean Hands”

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