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2017-18 Influenza Immunization Campaign

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PNHR's 2017-18 Influenza Immunization Campaign for Employees & Physicians Begins October 23, 2017.

Get Immunized & Protect your Patients, Colleagues, Co-workers, Family, Friends, Community, and Yourself!

Seasonal influenza (the flu) is a serious, infectious and contagious respiratory illness. You can spread the flu 24 hours before showing any symptoms, and five to seven days after symptoms begin. Click here for information about influenza and this year's vaccine.

Because you work in a health care setting, you are at increased risk of getting and spreading the influenza virus - regardless of what your job is.

The National Advisory Committee on Immunization considers “Provision of influenza vaccination to be an essential component of the standard of care for all HCWs (health care workers) for the protection of their patients. In the absence of contraindications, refusal of HCWs to be immunized against influenza implies failure in their duty of care to patients.

Prairie North Health Region's Employee Health Nurses are offering plenty of opportunities for all PNHR employees and physicians to be vaccinated against influenza. Prairie North has developed a single page Information Sheet visual to help you with your decision.

Employee/physician immunization clinics are scheduled at PNHR facilities and sites throughout the Region.

Influenza Immunization Opportunities - For Employees & Physicians - 2017-18 

You could also get your influenza immunization at any of the Public Flu Clinics that begin October 23, 2017.

If you receive your influenza vaccine at the public clinics or anywhere else, please ensure that you obtain documentation of your immunization and forward the documentation to the employee health nurse. This information is necessary for appropriate staffing in the event of outbreaks in any of our facilities or sites, and in determining the RHA's employee/physician influenza immunization levels.

All PNHR employees and physicians are encouraged to be immunized as soon as possible -before the influenza virus begins its wide circulation. Flu season typically begins around the end of November continuing to the end of March.


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