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Our Vision: Healthy People. Healthy Communities.

Our Mission: Prairie North Health Region works with individuals and communities to achieve the safest and best possible care, experience and health for you.

Our Values: Quality; Compassion; Excellence; Accountability; Respect

Prairie North Health Region covers a large and geographically diverse area in the northwest part of central Saskatchewan. Key industries are agriculture and related service sectors in the south; oil and gas in the west and central parts of the Region; and forestry, tourism and recreation in the north.

Economically, the western part of Prairie North, especially around Lloydminster, is vibrant and growing, with significant oil and gas exploration and development. The northern section around Meadow Lake is bustling with activity in forestry and related industries. The southern and eastern parts of the Health Region are primarily agricultural and service industry based. The central areas of the Region abound with a combination of these activities.

Prairie North is believed to be the single largest employer in the geographic area.

Prairie North is home to Canada’s only border city: Lloydminster, Saskatchewan/ Alberta.

Prairie North is the only health region in Saskatchewan that is home to two regional hospitals: Battlefords Union Hospital in North Battleford, and Lloydminster Hospital on the Saskatchewan side of Lloydminster.

Saskatchewan’s only provincial psychiatric rehabilitation hospital – Saskatchewan Hospital North Battleford – is located in Prairie North Health Region. SHNB, as it is known, is also home to the province’s Forensic Services program.

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